Maktab Enrolment

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Affiliated Maktab Names:

1. UMMA Centre Maktab (Doncaster East, VIC, Australia).

2. Fawkner Maktab (Fawkner, VIC, Australia).

3. Coolaroo Maktab (Coolaroo, VIC, Australia).

4. Deer Park Maktab (Deer Park, VIC, Australia).

5. Dandenong Maktab (Dandenong, VIC, Australia) – Enrollment directly from Maktab.

6. Minto Community Study Centre (M.C.S.C) Maktab (Minto, NSW, Australia).

7. Belconnen Maktab (Belconnen, ACT, Australia).

Contact details are on this page.

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